Re: missle intercepts using game theory

From: Michael S. Lorrey (
Date: Wed Jul 12 2000 - 11:56:18 MDT

As an avid upland game bird and waterfowl hunter, where the hunter is frequently
shooting at a target that is trying its best to avoid being shot, I am left
wondering why current interception vehicles do not use a shotgun device to
deploy a large cloud of debris into the flight path of the target. IMHO Lockheed
ought to send its engineers to duck hunting school....

a one ounce load of lead shot (typically <1mm diameter lead pellets) generates a
kill zone of 6-12 inches at 40 yards, with enough energy that only a few pellets
or less are needed to bring the target down (I have seen shots with one pellet
to the brain making a kill). Ten kilos of lead shot dispersed by one ounce of
C-4 in a suborbital trajectory with closing speeds of 20-30 thousand mph ought
to allow a rather large kill zone such that only a few pellets should
sufficiently destabilize a MIRV that it tumbles and burns up on reentry.

It just seems stupid to me for engineers to be taking what seems to be a rifle
approach when what they need is a shotgun...

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> New idea, old idea?

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