Re: Economist essay contest on 2050

From: matthew gream (
Date: Wed Jul 12 2000 - 04:53:31 MDT

[Non-member submission]

There's an idea - in 2050 lives a new post-human entity; somehow an
evolution from the multi-mind real-time feedback discussion forums like
Slashdot where numerous minds contribute issues, responses and points of
view to refine and intellectual hone the answers to key problems (achieving
the balance between the individual 'too limited' and the group 'too big').
Pity the deadline is so close, perhaps a small group of people could get
together and declare themselves as a post-human entity, and submit an
article from their collectiveSelf.

>Adrian Tymes wrote:
>>Robin Hanson wrote:
>>>I think I'll give it a try; many of you may want to try as well.
>>Question for those who decide not to write an essay: is anyone >>willing
>>to pre-read essays for those of us who do submit one? The >>better our
>>submissions, the more likely one of ours will be the one >>that gets
>>published (not to mention that it will communicate what we >>want
>>communicated better).


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