Re: Lee's opinion of the Artists' World (ws)Napster: thoughts and comments?

From: Michael S. Lorrey (
Date: Wed Jul 12 2000 - 08:20:02 MDT

Actually, Courtney is far more than another Yoko Ono. She was pretty successful
at the local/regional level with her own band before she met Cobain. You may not
have a taste for her music, her stuff is so/so with me, but I can say that
dealing with the infantile addictive bullshit Cobain put her through before he
performed his last act of idiotic rebellion (and I get this from first hand
sources that Cobain was a spoiled rotten little shit) entitles her to make
whatever money off of her own work as she desires, and the fact she was married
to Cobain is quite irrelevant to the quality of or salability of her music. Both
her and Nirvana's music was always a commercial thing, despite Cobain's whiney
GenX protestations. wrote:
> In a message dated 7/11/2000 1:04:58 PM Pacific Daylight Time,
> writes:
> > Go read Courtney Love's article in Salon sometime. Most artists
> > are getting toally screwed. Y
> Courtney love is a big phony baloney. Ask me what I think Kurt Cobain died
> for...
> She is not an artist, she is as Tom Waits and Primus so aptly put it:
> "riding on the coattails of a deadman".
> I am surprised you didn't add that to your list of ways to get rich without
> copyright - marry someone famous and steal their limelight

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