Re: More Green Party

From: Spike Jones (
Date: Mon Jul 10 2000 - 20:21:11 MDT

> > >Dazzling! Then the Oracle offices would never get cleaned, the lavatories
> > >would stink, and all the geniuses in Silicon Valley would die of some vile
> > >gastric lurgy.
> Michael S. Lorrey wrote:
> c'mon, be extropic. They'd develop robotic janitors or self cleaning crappers.
> Why hire someone to do a demeaning job when you can get a robot to do...

I dont know why the Mercury News cant seem to think of this solution.
They go on and ooooonn with their weepy articles about these big mean
old high tech companies not giving the janitors enough of a wage to
afford a place to live, yet never do they observe that if anyone came
here broke with 4 or more children, a PhD in spinning straw to gold
would be insufficient to get a decent place to live. What the hellll do
they expect? We have physics PhDs leaving the company because
they cant afford the rent, never mind a mortgage.

The fact is, the availability of armies of people who are willing to
work for such a small wage holds back those who would invent
machines that do those tasks. Robomaids arent economically feasible
when you have starving hordes willing to work their fannies off for
10 or 12 bucks an hour in a place where a one bedroom apartment
can easily go to 1500 a month these days, and its rising fast. spike

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