HUMOR: [was Re: top o' the mornin to ya mr elk...]

From: Robert J. Bradbury (
Date: Mon Jul 10 2000 - 14:35:16 MDT

On Mon, 10 Jul 2000, Michael S. Lorrey wrote:

> An elk is a big, big deer relative, ranging from 300-800 lbs.
> A moose is an even bigger, stupider, goofy looking and potentially more
> dangerous animal, that ranges from 600-1400 lbs.

You gotta love this group. Biology lessons for free without having
to pay the cost of college tuition.

But this clearly explains the recent missle problems. Those folks
painted a moose on the rocket, when instead it shoulda been an elk.

No wonder librarians are going crazy with people calling them saying
"but you can get an answer to *everything* on the web"....


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