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> Not everyone. I for example, have not kept health insurance in over ten
> have not had any health problems that a trip to the local drug store and
> some
> bed rest could not cure. I estimate I have saved over $25,000.00 in
> insurance
> premiums in that time. I know that insurance, private or public, is merely
> con
> game to get healthy people like me to pay for other people's problems. Now
> m
> going to be painted as a cruel, cruel, and selfishly mean person for
> this
> way. Too bad. Its my money.

No, Mike I'd paint you as being young and foolish. I can tell you're young
because your health is consistently good. You're foolish because you can't
control when you might be involved in a catastrophic accident, or develop a
catastrophic illness that no amount of "healthy living" can offset. That
$25,000 you've saved will seem like small potatoes if you develop cancer or
have a serious automobile accident . . .

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