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Date: Tue Jul 11 2000 - 09:48:22 MDT

"Emlyn (onetel)" wrote:
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> > Australian Gun Ban Proved Disastrous
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> > Dr. Miguel Faria
> > Monday, June 26, 2000
> > Last August, the rugged Aussie survivalist whose
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> Impressive stats about the increase in crime. Of course, the "center right"
> liberal party has been in govt for quite a while now, dismantling lots and
> lots and lots of social welfare stuff; but it's probably lack of guns in the
> hands of the mythical "good guys" which is causing an alleged increase in
> crime. BTW, where are the stats on teen suicides using parent's firearms,
> domestic violence incidents using firearms, etc?
> Also, there is certainly not a ban on gun ownership, period, in this
> country. It's a ban on semi & fully automatic weapons, if I remember
> rightly. Anyone got more detail on this?

Its more than that. Revolvers are also banned. Essentially, anything more than a
one shot gun is banned, all handguns are banned. Ergo, there are no legally
available guns that are useful for self defense.

I strongly suspect that crime in Australia and Britain will climb to Mad Max
levels before people pull their heads out and reinstate their right and ability
to defend themselves against the barbarians.

> Here's one for the testosterone fueled... Of you guys that actually carry
> guns, how many of you have ever had to use them in any kind of self-defense
> situation? I realise the dead guys can't put their hands up, so we'll have
> to live with a skewed result.

I could use the example of my time in Panama when when we were attempting to
arrest Noriega. I worked on jets at the air base, and as an anti-sniper security
adjutant, I carried a rifle, because snipers would shoot at us at night from
trees outside the perimeter. I did use my rifle in self defense in that

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