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From: Michael S. Lorrey (
Date: Mon Jul 10 2000 - 13:45:48 MDT

PlanetAll also labeled extropy as a 'religious group', I assume that such
connotations come from the same book about the web written by a fundie christian
several years ago. I seem to recall discussing this at some point on the list.

"" wrote:
> Sasha (and also Moravec) appears on this italian page. And Max More is
> mentioned for his principles and Natasha for the extropic arts.
> The writer, Mr. Formenti, says that extropianism is a
> cyber-anarchic-religious movement. Religious ? Thatıs because extropians aim
> at some deity (or some Buddhity). What is this omega-point-deity ? The
> software. Sasha (and Moravec) appears to be the chief prophet of this
> cyborg-cult.
> Anyway on this other page
> Mr. Catani says that the extropianism is a religious movement or, better, a
> techno-sect. A sect like the Heavenıs Gate (the Hall-Bopp comet ... that big
> suicide in march 1997 Š.). I have (already) replayed something to this Mr.
> Catani.
> scerir (Rome, Italy)

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