from Italy about exi

Date: Sun Jul 02 2000 - 10:39:24 MDT

Sasha (and also Moravec) appears on this italian page. And Max More is
mentioned for his principles and Natasha for the extropic arts.

The writer, Mr. Formenti, says that extropianism is a
cyber-anarchic-religious movement. Religious ? Thatıs because extropians aim
at some deity (or some Buddhity). What is this omega-point-deity ? The
software. Sasha (and Moravec) appears to be the chief prophet of this

Anyway on this other page

Mr. Catani says that the extropianism is a religious movement or, better, a
techno-sect. A sect like the Heavenıs Gate (the Hall-Bopp comet ... that big
suicide in march 1997 Š.). I have (already) replayed something to this Mr.

scerir (Rome, Italy)

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