Re: thoughts on psychotherapy

Date: Mon Jul 10 2000 - 13:29:53 MDT

My insurance - AmeriHealth pays up to 40% reimbursement on acupuncture and
massage therapy, or so their literature says. I have no reason at this point
to really doubt it, but prob the 40% is a best case situation. There is a
lot of buzzing going on about alternative therapies being legit, including
acupuncture and massage. On the TV show Fit Resort and Spa, the male host
had acupuncture done on the air for his back pain. He said he was very
nervous and skeptical but after having the needles in for a few minutes, his
back pain was much better. Maybe his relief turned out to be temporary but
most of what I hear about alternative medicine is positive. I'm thinking
about massage and acupuncture for my depression and spine ailment --
spondylolysis, and to try to get off blood pressure medication.

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