Napster: thoughts and comments?

Date: Mon Jul 10 2000 - 10:17:23 MDT

Just out of curiosity, the legal suit by Metallica, was it discussed here?

What does the list think of Napster? Is ethical or non-ethical? Do you use

I would imagine many here believe it ethical, but should it be only recording
industry issie... or does that mean all software can also be put up for grabs
eventually? Books? Movies? Genomes? ; - )

I am interested in thoughts on Napster. Not Metallica, I think they're
idiots to sue their own fan base....

****Sent to me by a cousin********

> Dear friends, family and colleagues:
> Check out
> If you download the Napster program for free and install it, you can
> exchange music files with people over the Internet for free. You can
> find essentially any artist or song you want. At last count, there are
> more than 15 million users.
> The recording industry is suing the Napster, and there is a hearing for
> a preliminary injunction to shut Napster down scheduled for July 26.
> There are some interesting legal issues. It is not an open and shut
> case for the recording industry. If you’re interested, I can send you
> some material.
> Even if you do not want to download a lot of music, it is worth checking
> out as the shape of things to come. It is like that TV commercial where
> the man is checking into flea bag motel. He asks the clerk what size
> beds they have, the disinterested clerk replies "king size." He asks if
> they have any refreshments, she replies equally disinterested "coffee
> and doughnuts." He asks if there is entertainment. She replies "we
> have every movie, ever made, in every country, in every language."
> Napster is like that with music.

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