Re: snappy sound bites for Glowing Grass

From: R. Harrill (
Date: Mon Jul 10 2000 - 05:24:40 MDT

Doug Jones smart-assedly snapped back...

> Well, hello troll, I haven't seen you around here before... do you have
> anything substantive to say, or are you just a hit & run luddite?

...when R. Harrill, small farmer of the non-toxic variety, expressed his
frustration with a mostly untested "science" that is being rapidly loosed
on the agricultural scene.

Doug, be warned that I've got an industrial weed-control flamer that can be
pointed your way if you want to start something with that "troll"
horseshit. For that matter, I can back up the manure spreader to your
front door and return your load of HS in a place you might not want it. Be

Do some serious research and you'll find that many of the people against GE
bio-tech have serious concerns---they're not just anti-new. The biological
web of life out there is rather delicately balanced. You can't just throw
a glowing-grass monkey wrench in it and not reap unanticipated

Kind regards,
Rex Harrill

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