Re: snappy sound bites for Glowing Grass

From: Doug Jones (
Date: Mon Jul 10 2000 - 12:11:35 MDT

"R. Harrill" wrote:
> Doug Jones smart-assedly snapped back...
> >
> > Well, hello troll, I haven't seen you around here before... do you have
> > anything substantive to say, or are you just a hit & run luddite?
> >
> ...when R. Harrill, small farmer of the non-toxic variety, expressed his
> frustration with a mostly untested "science" that is being rapidly loosed
> on the agricultural scene.
> Doug, be warned that I've got an industrial weed-control flamer that can be
> pointed your way if you want to start something with that "troll"
> horseshit. For that matter, I can back up the manure spreader to your
> front door and return your load of HS in a place you might not want it. Be
> civil.
> Do some serious research and you'll find that many of the people against GE
> bio-tech have serious concerns---they're not just anti-new. The biological
> web of life out there is rather delicately balanced. You can't just throw
> a glowing-grass monkey wrench in it and not reap unanticipated
> consequences.
> Kind regards,
> Rex Harrill

Well, smart-ass is as smart-ass does. Thanks for fleshing out your
objections to genemod crops- but you weren't very civil in your first
post on this mail list. To quote:

> You could also rename this rather dubious "science" Genetically
> Modified Crap and save hacksaw blades.

You're not likely to gain much credence here if you start out with
scatological notes and don't back up your assertions with evidence. The
burden of proof is on you- where's your beef?

Plowing up grassland (or burning down a forest) to put in crops is by
far the largest monkey wrench humans throw into the evnironment- and
you're worried about new breeds of corn? You can keep your horse

Doug Jones
Rocket Plumber, XCOR Aerospace

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