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> > CAVEAT: I AM dynamically optimistic. You might not believe that after
> > reading my posts, though . . .
> I think one can be dynamically angry too :-)

That's right -- see below.

> Sasha had a very similar idea, and I think it would be a treasure if
> it could be implemented -

He and I discussed it many times. Maybe that's why I'm getting so darned
steamed up.

> if you can get people in industry, politics,
> in need of medical care or having a positive outlook on the future to
> realise they have a mutual enemy (and mutual friends), then you could
> get a strong coalition. But that cannot be just an ExI project, it
> requires us to try to connect all our most poweful connections and get
> them to network together.

Well, I've been "dynamically mad" enough this afternoon to start some
correspondence with folks outside of ExI. Let me suggest that folks with
contacts in media and the effected industries (medicine, genetic technology,
pharmaceuticals, etc.) should start looking through their contact manager
software and thinking about who would be interested in joining -- and
supporting with $$ such a coalition.

> Exactly. This is a big problem the academic community has just begun
> to notice (if even that). So let's try some lateral thinking: what do
> our side have that is inherently hard for the other side to achieve?

Folks here could begin to work on some support for this effort in drafting
some specific written material that's needed. What I'd like to see is a
clear, well-written tutorial on genetic technology that leads from a quick
overview of the basics, through a description of the current state of the art
and frontiers of research and development through a near- to mid- to far-term
projection of the benefits to be gained from these efforts. This kind of
thing needs to be punchy and easy to read, ideally organized in short, easily
digested "bullet points."

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