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Date: Sun Jul 09 2000 - 19:10:38 MDT

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> Well, I've been "dynamically mad" enough this afternoon to start some
> correspondence with folks outside of ExI. Let me suggest that folks with
> contacts in media and the effected industries (medicine, genetic
> pharmaceuticals, etc.) should start looking through their contact manager
> software and thinking about who would be interested in joining -- and
> supporting with $$ such a coalition.

    It would help if we had an official objective list to take to our
contacts. I'm sure I could rattle up some backing here and there but it would
be nice to know we are all singing from the same songsheet. I wouldn't want
to bring new faces to the party and find i'm out of tune with the rest of the
    What exactly are we trying to achieve here ?
    How do we propose to do it?
    How you can help us and youselves. etc....

Would this make sense or has my brain gone flatline tonight?.
    On a slightly different spin. I have always found that your average
ludite usually acts out of fear or lack of knowledge. I have found that
bringing them up to speed and allaying their fears in terms they understand
usually brings them around, or at least stops them shouting from the
gantries. Im sure a few ludite converts could help our cause. After all
divide and conquor usually works.



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