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Date: Sun Jul 09 2000 - 15:48:32 MDT

But you can't expect to salvage one single "extropian" subset of all
research and new products and let the rest be fettered. You have to go to
the root of the problem, which is the restriction of a free market.

Much of the research on plant genetics is being done by organizations which
by their very existence restrict the free market--for example, the USDA and
corporations such as Monsanto which appear to work so closely with the US
government that one must suppose they are not at all independent of each
other. If your goal is to foster the freedom which allows creative
research, it's not logical to support organizations such as Monsanto and the
USDA, even though they might be doing specific projects you approve of.

The most rational approach I can imagine is to disengage from the current
system to the greatest extent possible and foster the growth of a parallel
economy that is not hopelessly dependent on a coercive economic/political


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> Indeed, THEY HAVE THE AGENDA CLEAR. They know what the fight is
> about, they
> know what methods to use, and who their enemies and their friends are. I
> think it really is time to stop "playing around with computers" ,
> and move
> transhumanism into a more political agenda.
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> Waldemar

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