glowing grass

From: Spike Jones (
Date: Sun Jul 09 2000 - 16:20:54 MDT

altamira wrote:

> ...the root of the problem, which is the restriction of a free market...

Roger that, and this gives me another idea. Monsanto should market
some form of GM grass to the silicon valley. They need not even make
any claims about why it is better than ordinary grass but one thing they
*must* do is charge an outraaaageous price for it, the higher the better.

I know my valley. Too many folks have more money than they know
what to do with, so whenever they see *anything* that costs more
for no obvious reason, they assume it *must* be better somehow
and it becomes the rage. Sounds like Im clowning, but only a little,
friends. Enoooormous fortunes have been made this way. Its a
sign of good times, with the full expectation of better times to come.
Call it Harley Davidson effect: not necessarily better, but at least it
costs more. spike

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