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Date: Sun Jul 09 2000 - 09:46:06 MDT

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 You could
> also make novelty grasses."
> He didn't say what was more novel than glowing multicolored grass
> but I'd love to find out.

There already exist grasses that carry the scent of lemon and vanilla, but
the grasses form large clumps, unsuitable for many uses. The genes which
produce these scents could be inserted into short-leaved turf grasses which
could be used, among other things, as coverings for stone seats in the
garden. When you sit down on the seat, you are enveloped in scent. I can
also envision rose scented grass, nardo scented grass, hyacinth scented

How about miniature pampas grass for the small garden or apartment balcony?
Or a whole miniature landscape that would fit on a windowsill, complete with
miniature fruit trees?

How about a cereal grass whose seed would provide all the required amino
acids (better yet would be a root crop such as the Irish potato which would
do this).

Vetiver grass has roots with a strong, sandalwood scent. A relatively small
clump will perfume a room. How about growing grasses with a wide range of
scented roots? I can envision a gift planter that would contain grasses
with both scented leaves and scented roots.

The possibilities are almost endless.


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