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Date: Sun Jul 09 2000 - 10:14:09 MDT

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> "The new web-site address for "Science Frontiers"
> and the Sourcebook Project
> is shown above. At this site, you will find the
> first 121 issues of SF accompanied by a helpful
> search engine. In addition, we have provided
> the titles of the 1,770 sections (anomalies)
> cataloged in the first 18 volumes of the "Catalog
> of Anomalies". Also listed are many hundreds
> of '"file titles"' that will eventually be written
> up and published in future catalog volumes. With
> a click or two you can also find descriptions
> and ordering information for all available catalogs
> and handbooks."
> Terry

This reminds me of an outfit purportedly engaging in
the scientific examination of anomalous and
paradigm-challenging phenomena.

The Center for Frontier Sciences at Temple University.

Check out their index to past issues of their journal,
"Frontier Perspectives".


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