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From: E. Shaun Russell (
Date: Sat Jul 08 2000 - 14:18:18 MDT

Zero wrote:

>Computers *will* get smaller and faster. Bandwidth *will* increase. Our
>understanding of human intelligence (and therefore intelligence in general)
>*will* get better. Our ability manipulate matter at the molecular scale
>*will* improve. Our understanding of biological processes *will* deepen.
>These are givens, they are virtual certainties. Put all that together and
>its not very hard to see where we're headed.

Be careful how you use the term "*will*." Things will only get better if
people decide to make them better...every result requires an action. I do
agree that things will *likely* get better, but it is a potentially fatal
oversight to have blind faith in the progress of our society.

I feel that informing people in general about the positive implications of
progressive technologies is as important as the creation of the
technologies themselves. One example is with GM foods: so many people have
protested the ubiquity of GM foods that manufacturers such as Frito-Lay
have publicly asserted their non-use of GM products. Currently there is
major social stigma against GM foods, which is damaging to the science as a
whole. More examples abound.

You're probably right, Zero...we *will* get there; but I, for one, don't
want to be lynched along the way.

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