Re: >H ExI Advisor Ray Kurzweil in new BusinessWeek

Date: Sat Jul 08 2000 - 20:10:45 MDT

I am guessing that there will very little resistence to the things that
Kurzveil focused on, like increased bandwidth and and increased computational
capabilities. The fear of GM food will reduce if it seems safe (over the
years) and tastey, and is probably less of a issue with a forecaster like
Kurzweil. But computer electronics seem a safe bet as just about everyone in
the world likes electronics.

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<< Be careful how you use the term "*will*." Things will only get better if
 people decide to make them better...every result requires an action. I do
 agree that things will *likely* get better, but it is a potentially fatal
 oversight to have blind faith in the progress of our society.
 I feel that informing people in general about the positive implications of
 progressive technologies is as important as the creation of the
 technologies themselves. One example is with GM foods: so many people have
 protested the ubiquity of GM foods that manufacturers such as Frito-Lay
 have publicly asserted their non-use of GM products. Currently there is
 major social stigma against GM foods, which is damaging to the science as a
 whole. More examples abound.
 You're probably right, Zero...we *will* get there; but I, for one, don't
 want to be lynched along the way. >>

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