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Date: Fri Jul 07 2000 - 08:27:17 MDT

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>I always fancied Artemis, goddess of hunt and moon. And Inana.
>"Inana, great light, lioness." I HAVE found the old myths
>empowering. It definitely makes a difference in
>my outlook on life to realize that being a strong woman is not
>something abnormal or "deformed." Once someone asked my daughter
>if she wasn't afraid staying out in the woods with just her mother
>and no man to protect us. My daughter answered, "No, I have
>complete confidence in my mother." She had a nightmare once in
>which there was a monster that was killing people. Everyone was
>afraid of the monster, but I went out and killed it and brought
>the carcass in to cook and eat. I love that dream. It has
>mythical qualities.

>See "Inana and Enki"

Inana and Enki are mentioned as plot elements in Neal Stephansons
fascinating Cyberpunk novel "Snow Crash". You may enjoy reading it.

Come to think of it it might be time for my annual re-reading.


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