Re: human/world interface (part 2)

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Date: Fri Jul 07 2000 - 08:12:31 MDT

From: "altamira" <>

>Naturally, I turned out to be weird. Although I had no trouble
>with visual or auditory recall (or projection either--I could
>imagine things which didn't exist in the real world, and see and
>hear them in my mind), I tended to use kinesthesia in strange
>ways, such as when working simple math problems. And it's a fact,
>though I'm a little embarrassed to admit it, that in adding and
>subtracting numbers, I count by moving my fingers. For me,
>this is a simple extension of the way in which I listen to or play
>music, so I have my doubts as to whether it's all that unusual.
>But although many people dance to music, most people don't report
>doing math kinesthetically.

I have distinct memories/images of being initially taught counting
by doing so on my fingertips.

As a result to this day when counting simple numbers I do so by
tapping fingers to thumb, or tapping them against any surface.

Apparently our early experience remains a lifelong process.

Someone has a book about an advanced form of "Finger Math" where
students have been taught to multiply and divide huge numbers by
using their fingers as some sort of advanced abacus.

Seems like fun to me.


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