Re: Is Eugenics Really A Bad Thing?

From: Timothy Bates (
Date: Sat Jul 01 2000 - 04:09:33 MDT

On 7/1/00 5:17 PM, "Zero Powers" <> wrote:
> But is wanting to improve the stock a bad thing?

Yes, because it is wanting to improve OTHER PEOPLES genes. It is a property
violation - theft of their chance to see if their future is the right one,
and not yours, or ours.

GO ahead and improve yours. And tell me about it so I can improve mine if
you want, but don't kill people, or sterilize them unless you believe that
theft is moral.

>I have a feeling that I'm
> "preaching to the choir" when I say on this list that it seems like a good
> thing to want to make humans as perfect as possible.

My motto is "imperfection is the perfection which you seek". Try and make
something perfect (say a knife you are grinding, and you will grind it too
nothing. Nothing is perfect, but as Da Vinci stated "Nothing may be defined
as the place between to things"

>But it seems like
> virtually everywhere else, the E word is as bad as the N word. Why is that?

What is the N word?

Anyhow, don't try and eugenicise me ;-)


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