Re: Is Eugenics Really A Bad Thing?

From: Aina & Bones (
Date: Sat Jul 01 2000 - 09:38:07 MDT

Zero Powers wrote:
> OK, I know the Nazis were into it big time, and they weren't cool dudes.
> But is wanting to improve the stock a bad thing? I have a feeling that I'm
> "preaching to the choir" when I say on this list that it seems like a good
> thing to want to make humans as perfect as possible. But it seems like
> virtually everywhere else, the E word is as bad as the N word. Why is that?

What has improving the stock got to do with keeping it white,
Caucasian or european?


Mr. Bones

"If you can simply observe what you are and stay flexible, you will find that you can progress infinitely."


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