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J. John Bloch (
Tue, 29 Jun 1999 09:00:38 -0400

Joseph Bloch <> wrote:

> > Considering that the human male sex drive is the product of millions of
> > years of natural selection-governed evolution, I'm always hesitant when
> > someone considers trying to tamper with it.

Then Dave Sill <> wrote:

> Isn't "tampering" with the body for purposes of improving one's life what
> transhumanism is all about? If you're not willing to change things, where
> you think inprovement is going to come from?

I would say that tampering with the physical aspects of the human form would definitely be Transhumanist. I am not so sure about psychological aspects. What is it that defines us as individuals; our physical forms or our mental attributes? I can replace a hand with a robotic prosthesis and still not change my sense of self. But I don't believe that I could wipe out an aspect of my personality (in the case in question, your apparently-overactive libido) and still retain that awareness of "self".

Note that I do not apply this idea to organic brain disorders and the like; the correction of physical misfunction is different from the modification of normal functioning.

Note too that the process of changing patterns of thought and behavior through conscious means (counseling, meditation, whatever) is, in my point of view, the preferred way to modify behavior. That's because the process itself becomes a part of the individual's self-identity, and so the progression from Behavior 1 ("Thoughts of sex occur too frequently") to Behavior 2 ("Thoughts of sex occur when I choose for them to occur") is a natural progression in the personal growth of the individual.

Dave Sill <> wrote:

> See, the thing is, I don't think my sexual drive is abnormal or that I'm
> more distracted by it than most men. I don't know why more men don't see
> this problem--maybe they're addicted to sex.

You are the first person I've ever heard complain about it, though.

Dave Sill <> wrote:

> Sure, I could do like billions of other men and resign myself to living
> this problem and enjoying the physical pleasure involved. But that's not
> very transhuman or Extropian.

I wouldn't suggest that you resign yourself to a completely hedonistic life-style of 24/7 orgies (although the idea does have its attractions!). But rather than taking the quick and easy "out" of chemically modifying your behavior, I'd suggest alternative routes. Just as your sex drive is part of your identity, make the modification process part of your identity. Meditation, counseling, even self-hypnosis could all bring your self-perceived problem under control. Transhumanists in general (myself included) do sometimes look for a technological answer to problems when other, more appropriate or effective, methods are available.

J. John Bloch

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