Re: Clinton, US citizen responsibility Vs Milosevic and Serbians

my inner geek (
Mon, 28 Jun 1999 19:49:44 -0700

Elizabeth Childs <> wrote:

> Many regimes are so oppressive that any public attempts to stop them
> will guarantee a person's death. Under such circumstances, it's very hard
> to tell who supports the regime on the ground; in the air, it's
> impossible.

Well, they could all be given wireless cell data/phone/gps systems to vote with:

Anyone in favor of the enemy gets destroyed.

Then again, if the enemy owned the wireless data network microcellular infrastructure, then they may have destroyed those who disfavored *them*, before the allies had a chance to destroy *their* enemies. It gets complicated.

Interesting to note that the Tesla Museum is located in Belgrade.

I wonder how many of IBM's SiGe PicoTimer(TM) transistors will be sold to the Yugoslavian Serbs. The next genocide of Kosovars might be speed of light? Makes you wonder about vote by phone!