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Brian Atkins (
Sun, 27 Jun 1999 22:08:38 -0400

Sorry to keep digging, but in your opinion by this point of their development can you say whether or not you think they will make it to orbit?

Doug Jones wrote:
> Brian Atkins wrote:
> > Can you discuss what is the latest over at RR? Are you employed
> > again?
> Well, the pogrom is complete (only one propulsion scientist and one
> systems analyst remain at Rotary aside from Bevin McKinney), it is
> rumored that the ATV will do a hover test this week, and my former
> boss' new business card reads in part:
> * Project Management
> * Liquid Rocket Engines
> * Launch Vehicle Design
> * Experienced Team Available
> I'd say our plans are pretty obvious. For now, I have some
> electronics consulting work, an interview this week at
> Marconi/Tracor, and I'm working on an SBIR proposal. (I don't have
> Walt Anderson's religious aversion to government contracts :)
> The "$900 million in launch contracts" that RRC allegedly has is
> essentially funny money- the so-called customer is not specified,
> but I'm guessing that it's LunaCorp. Since LC is just a one-man
> beltway bandit shop and RRC's Washington lobbyist, I'm skeptical.
> Those launch contracts and $3.75 in cash will get you a cup of
> coffee.
> On rereading the above, it may seem theat Bevin was doing a power
> grab; on the contrary, it was other people within the company that
> wiped out most of Bevin's staff. I enjoyed working with him (he was
> my boss' boss), and respect him a lot.
> --
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