Re: What's the latest at RR

Doug Jones (
Sun, 27 Jun 1999 18:22:11 -0700

Brian Atkins wrote:

> Can you discuss what is the latest over at RR? Are you employed
> again?

Well, the pogrom is complete (only one propulsion scientist and one systems analyst remain at Rotary aside from Bevin McKinney), it is rumored that the ATV will do a hover test this week, and my former boss' new business card reads in part:

I'd say our plans are pretty obvious. For now, I have some electronics consulting work, an interview this week at Marconi/Tracor, and I'm working on an SBIR proposal. (I don't have Walt Anderson's religious aversion to government contracts :)

The "$900 million in launch contracts" that RRC allegedly has is essentially funny money- the so-called customer is not specified, but I'm guessing that it's LunaCorp. Since LC is just a one-man beltway bandit shop and RRC's Washington lobbyist, I'm skeptical. Those launch contracts and $3.75 in cash will get you a cup of coffee.

On rereading the above, it may seem theat Bevin was doing a power grab; on the contrary, it was other people within the company that wiped out most of Bevin's staff. I enjoyed working with him (he was my boss' boss), and respect him a lot.

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