RE: [META] Re: Improving the Extropians list/Nanogirl?

O'Regan, Emlyn (
Tue, 22 Jun 1999 16:18:39 +1000

> * Everyone moderates their own posts. After sending something to the
> list, the poster gets sent the same message back for approval, along
> with a preface explaining that all messages should be formatted
> nicely, civil, not excessively long (provide a URL instead), not
> overquote and by the way have you read FAQs x, y, and z lately? If
> the poster still thinks the message is worth broadcasting to the
> list, they can approve it. Hopefully this would help prevent flames
> that are sent out for instant gratification and help keep high
> quality in the minds of posters. The downside of this idea is that
> it puts a small burden on posters. On the other hand, one or a small
> group of moderators is not overburdened.
I would just program my inbox assistant to deal with this. Maybe others wouldn't

> * Each post is embargoed for some period of time before being sent to
> the list, for the purpose of delaying poster gratification.
High latency in posting might lead to very disjointed threads, and lots of duplication (people posting equivalent messages, not knowing that others have been sent). This already happens, and would get worse. Or no-one will post at all... everyone thinks "I could reply to this post, but Anders will probably reply as well before it arrives. This means that I will have a post replying to a message in parallel with and so immediately comparable to Ander's post. Why embarass myself?" Then, crushed by the workload, Anders leaves the list, and the world as we know it comes to a bitter end...

> * Each month, anyone who has posted in the previous month gets sent a
> message containing list guidelines, pointers to FAQs, etc., for the
> purpose of keeping quality on the minds of posters.
Also will overcomplicate my killfile

> * Rating, feedback, and/or group moderation schemes. Any of these
> would require more work, and the permutations are endless.
> Obviously these could be mixed and varied.
Probably some merit in these, but I can't support them, as in the eternal fight between signal and noise, I have chosen to tread the darkest path...

> Finally, what is the deal with the public salivating over "chix" I see
> on this list? Strikes me as highly unwelcoming and unbecoming.
Thanks! I was trying to work out how my subscription to the extropians list had been cancelled and replaced with a subscription to, but I now see what has happened.

PS: Please don't read this post, read my other post "Conscious of the hard problem", I put more work into it.

Not fooling anyone,