[META] Re: Improving the Extropians list/Nanogirl?

Mike Linksvayer (ml@justintime.com)
Fri, 18 Jun 1999 17:52:00 -0700

I had hoped that my posting in this thread would stimulate more discussion of a three posts/day rule or other means of improving the list rather than the merits of Gina Miller's news posts. Alas...

On the topic of news posts, I'd prefer brief summaries/excerpts with URLs (since most or all of the articles in question are readily available and presumably taken from the web, though it does delight me to see blatant copyright violation), and most importantly, commentary from the poster.

In general I'd like to see posters put more thought into their messages, whether those be news items or heated debate. I liked the three posts/day rule on the assumption that it might make some people think "I can only make three posts today, I'd better make each one good" rather than immediately firing off whatever one is itching to send. Probably a bad assumption. Here are some other ideas:

Obviously these could be mixed and varied.

Finally, what is the deal with the public salivating over "chix" I see on this list? Strikes me as highly unwelcoming and unbecoming.

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