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> In a message dated 6/21/99 6:51:42, wrote:
> >Unfortunately for the caloric restriction
> >diet promoters, much of the evidence
> >for longevity claims for such diets is
> >dependent on easter european research
> >based on these fraudulently aged individuals
> >(while at the same time the
> >promoters ignore that these people are frequently
> >pack-a-day or more smokers, drinkers, etc.)
> No, the classic proposed population demonstrating
> CR in humans in the Okinawans. I've never heard
> anybody claim the Caucasians as support for CR -
> they're typically used for weird ideas like yoghurt.

Ah, the Okinawans, I'll bet, were as 'old' as they were because they wanted to meet the minimum age requirements to volunteer for service in the Japanese Navy during the 1905 Japan-Russia War, where Japan basically decimated the Russian Imperial Pacific Fleet much like the US did to the Spanish a few years earlier....

> P.S. The "centenarians" of the Caucasus were dodging
> the draft in WW *One*. They're basically all dead now.


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