Re: Want to Live to 100+? Move to MidWest
Mon, 21 Jun 1999 14:33:26 EDT

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>Unfortunately for the caloric restriction
>diet promoters, much of the evidence
>for longevity claims for such diets is
>dependent on easter european research
>based on these fraudulently aged individuals
>(while at the same time the
>promoters ignore that these people are frequently
>pack-a-day or more smokers, drinkers, etc.)

No, the classic proposed population demonstrating CR in humans in the Okinawans. I've never heard anybody claim the Caucasians as support for CR - they're typically used for weird ideas like yoghurt.

P.S. The "centenarians" of the Caucasus were dodging the draft in WW *One*. They're basically all dead now.