Re: Want to Live to 100+? Move to MidWest

Michael S. Lorrey (
Mon, 21 Jun 1999 09:41:32 -0400

James Rogers wrote:

> The populations in this region are to a great extent Eastern European
> (Czech, Hungarian, etc.), with small pockets of Scandinavians. The
> populations in these areas also tend to be highly inbred (I've lived in the
> areas in question). It makes me wonder if unusual longevity is normal in
> the eastern European regions where these Midwesterners have there genetic
> roots. IIRC, the longest lived peoples in the world are found in the far
> eastern parts of europe.

Keep in mind that the so called 'centenarians' that have previously been covered by National Geographic in the Caucasus and elsewhere in Eastern Europe under the old Soviet Empire were not really that old, they were just people who were dodging the draft in the WWII era by faking an age over the maximum and lived in areas where birth records could be forged with the help of a few minor bribes.

Unfortunately for the caloric restriction diet promoters, much of the evidence for longevity claims for such diets is dependent on easter european research based on these fraudulently aged individuals (while at the same time the promoters ignore that these people are frequently pack-a-day or more smokers, drinkers, etc.)


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