Re: META: re: Improving the Extropians list

Timothy Bates (
Thu, 17 Jun 1999 12:48:26 +1000

Elizabeth Childs wrote:
>>[if people vote for a 3-posting limit] I suggest tacking on >> the end "except nanogirl".
Mike Linksvayer said
> I strongly disagree. Most of Gina Miller's posts are forwards of
> news items with no added commentary or contextualization. I can
> and do get interesting science news elsewhere. On this list for
> me simple forwards of news items just add to the noise.

I agree with you completely, as it happens. However, some people clearly believe that this messenging service is of value to them.

I would say just drop person "x" into your kill fill, but you may not find that a fine enough grained response. You really want to drop postings of type "x", especially if from person is list {1,2,3} into the kill file.

What this list needs is informative subject lines: unfortunately, only a human can recognise the appropriate patterns and that would be a full time job and still not get the right answer for everyone.

Posters can do a service for lovers and dislikers both by always including a key word in their re-mailing posts. - like [news] you can kill or highlight on that easy enough. We could publish a list of key words and the list server could mail back to people

"I was unable to classify your post. here is the list of known key words. ...

If you think a word should be added ... mail to the list with "vote for new word" in your subject.

Your mail has been posted just fine, but be aware that it will receive a low priority in many people's mail readers as the tag word <not classified> has been added to the subject line.

This is v.easy for the server (it will already be scanning for list unsubscribe info etc.) If it is useless, we have lost nothing. If it is great well ...

Filters also do not have be black and white kill or live entities.

I have a filter item which says if from = x and body contains "reuters ..." then color "light gray" and mark as read and grade as "unimportant", simply because I will myself in all probability have read that item. It is not killed, but is tagged as easy too skip over. This sort of local action can give you a highly interesting and readable list.

There may even be a role for a web site of filters. We could trade filter sets and people could have a starter set for libertarians etc ;-) cheers,