Re: Some prison statistics

Timothy Bates (
Thu, 17 Jun 1999 12:54:48 +1000

Chuck Kuecker asked
> How does one run an experiment involving rapists?
Numerous ways. Experimental psychology on language perception, learning, personality, intelligence, MRI, skin conductance and eye blink/pupillary respose data, EEG. What experiment do you have in mind?
> Like most social
> experiments, this cannot be truly scientific for ethical reasons.
Why not?

>The conclusions reached are actually opinions.
All conclusions are opinions. So far you are merely claiming that you want to delete the scientific data so that your opinions can have less opposition.

> Of course, if you give a serial rapist license to take sex anytime he wants
> it, he will, in the absence of some mental condition that prevents pleasure
> except during forced sex. I am assuming that the sexual partner is willing,
> if not, again it's a rape.

Oh so it is about sex and not power (except in the case of a rare mental condition). Yes. That was exactly my position.