Re: Nextropians.

Heywood Floyd (
Tue, 15 Jun 1999 14:17:42 -0700 (PDT)

> I have no idea wear you have been, but I've been
> looking up all those people
> who apparently don't want you to find them:

I know where they are my boy, but it's the communication that counts.

> >Max More
> Just checked in to the extropian list a few days
> ago.

Unless Max's dialog has gone mute, his lack of presence here implies lots of private correspondence elsewhere.

> >Ralph Merkle

Having a web site is entirely different than having a real-time online presence. Are we the only ones making fools of ourselves publicly on the extropian list while they correspond among themselves privately?
> >E. Shaun Russell

Same as above.

> >Eric Watt Forste <>

His web site consist of a meager directory structure. Too bad, I've always liked Eric's PUBLIC contributions.

> >Vernor Vinge
> he's working on a new book:

Same as above. Additionally, I have never seen Vernor in a online real-time setting. Either he abhors mailing lists, stay offline, or conducts all of his communications privately.

> >Hans Moravec
> Still minding the children:
> From outside the university, my phone number is
> (412) 268-3829.
> You can leave fax messages at my home at (412)
> 363-9834.

I'll give Hans a break. He is awfully busy running the SMU robotics lab.

> >Tom Morrow
> Likes to climb Mt. Shasta (60 miles from here)
> and yes, he does meditate.

Tom was one of the originating members of the extropian movement along with Max. Tom has obviously moved on to bigger and better things, but what might those be?

> >Mark Crosby

Oops, my mistake, he is still around.
> >Mark Mills
> He's designing web pages:

Well, designing web pages doesn't make one mute.
> >Kieth Henson
> He's busy suing the Scientologists (go get 'em!)

Yes, Kieth has always been a breath of fresh air and his online presence is missed.

> >Kathryn Aegis

She has always been a strong presence on this list, but alas, she is gone.

> >Mitchell Porter
> minimalist:

To repeat, having a web site is a far cry from a real-time presence.

> >Reilly Jones
> 70544.1227@CompuServe.COM

A frequent contributor to the original Extropy Magazine, I haven't seen him since.
> >Russell Whitaker

Real nice fellow, very serious, very busy doing the Silcon Valley 90-hour work week thing. As Michael Lorrey said, he is doing extropy rather than talking about it.

> >Sarah Marr
> working on her web pages:

?????? Haven't heard frmo her in a long time.
> >Perry E. Metzger

Perry has been missing for a couple of years at least.

> At
> least they haven't gone
> "anonymous".

I never said they were anonymous, only anomolous in their silent (real-time) online presence.

Heywood Floyd

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