Re: Nextropians.

J. R. Molloy (
Tue, 15 Jun 1999 12:53:47 -0700

From: Heywood Floyd <>
>Wow, the secret is out! Its not virtuality, its viruality! Gosh,
>where have I been!

I have no idea wear you have been, but I've been looking up all those people who apparently don't want you to find them:

>If I'm wrong about such a secret network, then explain to me why these
>most thoughtful and intelligent people are mysteriously quite these
>days. Are we to believe they have all given up discussing
>transhumanist values openly on the internet?
As I recall, back in '96 Russel Whitaker (or somebody) listed some of these as "possible extropians":

>Max More

Just checked in to the extropian list a few days ago.

>Ralph Merkle

>E. Shaun Russell

>Eric Watt Forste <>

>Vernor Vinge

he's working on a new book:

>Hans Moravec
Still minding the children:
>From outside the university, my phone number is (412) 268-3829.
You can leave fax messages at my home at (412) 363-9834.

>Tom Morrow

Likes to climb Mt. Shasta (60 miles from here) and yes, he does meditate.

>Mark Crosby

>Mark Mills

He's designing web pages:

>Kieth Henson

He's busy suing the Scientologists (go get 'em!)

>Gregory Stock

The Metaman is writing articles and organizing conferences

>Kathryn Aegis

>Kennita Watson

Very busy, owns a business

>Mitchell Porter


>Peter C. McCluskey

lives in Mountain View, not far from here

>Reilly Jones


>Russell Whitaker

>Sarah Marr

working on her web pages:

>Perry E. Metzger


>Where are these people? Eat your heart out! :-)

Have you dropped a line to any of these folks? At least they haven't gone "anonymous".

--J. R.