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> wrote:
> > I should have been more clear. I object to censorship bysubject, not entire
> > content. Using the metaphor of asking people not to smoke or poop on the
> > floor of one's home, as opposed to letting them debate certain issues:
> > That kind of "poop on the rug" stuff translates to list "pissing" - bad
> > language, abusive tones, flames, thousand posts a day etc.
> > That kind of thing has always been filtered and the FAQ deals with it- and I
> > *liked* to see behavior censored, because it created an envorinment for free
> > thought.
> > But banning subjects... well...
> I have to agree with Nadia on this. While even I was rather taken aback by over
> 30 rude and insulting messages over a few days from one list member, the idea
> that discussion of a subject of any kind of liberty should be banned from the
> list of a group that supposedly embraces personal liberty is rather ludicrous.
> One of the main reasons I joined ExI was because I found it to be one of the
> last refuges against the whiney statist liberal security-before-liberty soccer
> mom neo-luddite NIMBYites. The recent watering down of the Extropian Principles
> to embrace more statist attitudes was the warning shot, an outright moratorium
> on discussion of a subject regarding liberty is blasphemy. Principles are meant
> to be stood on, not moved in response to polls or popular sentiment.
> Just as law abiding citizens are seeing their rights curtailed and made more
> difficult to practice because of the misbehavior of a few disrespectful
> individuals, so it is here.
I have no problem with you fully exercising such rights, so long as I can, too (and you'd better believe, I will).
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