Re: Fear of Guns Vs. Fear of No Guns

Eric Ruud (
Sat, 12 Jun 1999 23:13:25 -0700

Let's start letting little kids drive! and while we're at it, let's let anybody perform surgery on anyone else! And we could make all of the jet liner captains people we find on the street! Hell why do we have tests for ANYTHING?

Sorry if I'm barking up tehe wrong tree here... it was a gut reaction.

Don't assume I'm anti-gun either, cuz I'm not.


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> > I
> > have no problem with having Proof of Competence being a prerequisite to
> > buying a gun, because it is fairly obvious from the above example that
> > people need it.
> Now that sounds like an excellent idea.
> Perhaps we might even have a proof of competence test for other aspects of
> life as well?
> Only one minor problem though...who is going to administer said test? Are
> the administrators themselves competent? Is the test valid? What's to
> such a "tool" from being used for personal or political advantage?
> EvMick
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