Re: Different Values (was The Transhumanist Racist)
Sat, 12 Jun 1999 21:43:09 -0700

Harvey Newstrom, <>, writes:
> One of the biggest frustrations I have with this discussion list is the
> inability of people to understand the viewpoints of others. The very idea
> that the KKK would transform themselves into blacks if blacks were somehow
> proven to be a superior race is ludicrous. Even though racists claim to
> have scientific evidence for white superiority, they would never accept
> scientific evidence of black superiority. To speculate that they would
> clearly shows a lack of understanding of the mindset.

It is a good point that we have a somewhat narrow perspective here and it is easy to make the mistake of assuming that other people think like we do.

However I suspect that in fact at least some white racists would be willing to concede Asian and perhaps Jewish superiority (of course Jews are white, but white racists hate them anyway), at least in terms of intelligence. For that matter they will say that blacks are superior physically. Sometimes their viewpoint is that "we whites need to protect our own", and that Asians and Jews are even more of a threat due to their superior intellect. I think I have seen references to white militia literature which takes this position.