multiple postings Re: Value of prizes ?

Mike Linksvayer (
Fri, 11 Jun 1999 11:01:06 -0700

You are correct that I was posting from a machine. I do not believe that pair has anything to do with this problem, as I regularly send mail to other lists and individuals without any problems. I sent email to the extropians list administrator shortly after I noticed the duplicates and got no response. I just called the list administrator and he said that he will have all messages from bounce to him, which should stop this particular message from being seen by the list N more times and perhaps help him figure out the source of the problem. In any case I will never again post to extropians from!

Thanks everyone for your patience.

Mike wrote:
> I agree that there seems little possibility that this message is going
> to stop being sent. It has been almost a week now.
> At first I tried sending mail to However
> whois on reveals:
> Administrative Contact:
> Linksvayer, Mike (ML229) ml@AU.COM
> (415) 431-0775
> Technical Contact, Zone Contact:
> Administrator, Domain (DA550) domain@PAIR.COM
> 1 412 681 6932 (FAX) 1 412 681 6945
> Billing Contact:
> Linksvayer, Mike (ML229) ml@AU.COM
> (415) 431-0775
> So Mike himself is the owner of the domain, and from what he says I gather
> that he is convinced that the mail is not originating from his machine.
> appears to be serving as the ISP and presumably the mail
> forwarder for Mike. I checked their web page and they provide a variety
> of web hosting services. My guess is that they are responsible for the
> bounces. I sent mail today to postmaster, support, and abuse
> asking them to look into the problem, so hopefully they will do something
> about it.
> If this fails I believe we should begin telephoning the contact numbers
> at to try to get their attention.
> Mike, can you confirm that is/was your mail relay and that they
> are the likely culprit?
> One problem in terms of tracking this problem down is that our list
> software does not include the mail headers for incoming mail. My mail
> arrives looking like:
> Delivered-To:
> Received: from ( [])
> by (Postfix) with ESMTP id B08916174F
> for <>; Fri, 11 Jun 1999 00:37:18 -0700 (PDT)
> Received: (from majordom@localhost)
> by (8.9.1/8.9.1) id BAA28888
> for extropians-outgoing; Fri, 11 Jun 1999 01:36:13 -0600
> X-Envelope-To:
> The very first Received line is the first step in the outgoing mail path
> from the local machine the list runs on. There is no indication of
> where the mail came from before then. Perhaps the list managers might
> be able to manually inspect these incoming messages and determine where
> they are coming from.
> Hal

See From: and Organization: above.  Call +1 415 553 6408 for assistance.