Re: The Placebo Effect - Self Deception at its Finest

Theta 8008 (
Thu, 10 Jun 1999 22:11:07 PDT


>Given the principles of extropians and other transhumans, by our very
>nature, we seek to systematically eliminate all placebo effects one by
>one, till we are left with none.

Personally, I want to INCREASE and EXPLOIT the Placebo Effect. If a person with cancer can melt tumors after taking a sugar pill that they believe to be real medicine, that indicates a vast, untapped power in the mind/body connection and is something that I *WANT*.

Of course, I would rather have an understanding and intentional control of the mechanism rather than having to trick myself. Perhaps that is what you meant? If not, how is it Extropian to wish to eliminate an untapped personal power?


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