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> Vanessa Yaremchuk wrote:
> > > Yeah, I've always thought that whole immaculate conception thing is
> most
> > > amusing. Imagine Joseph's face when Mary comes home sprogged up
> claiming
> > > some crusty deity did it.....bollocks....Joseph would chop her up.
> >
> > Supposedly, the original text of the bible uses a word that could be
> > translated as "young woman". It was later translated/interpretted as
> > "virgin".
> True Venessa. The term can mean either young woman or virgin, but
> under the circs, there is no reason to believe the writer meant virgin.
> The
> conception referred to in that passage presumably came about in the
> traditional manner. spike
After all, it was good enough for Zeus.

"Birds do it, Bees do it, even oppressive monotheistic gods do it"

If the second coming is anything like the first go round, Jesus will be taken away by welfare. Certainly God would lose His contact rights, and I can't see Him claiming that he can't afford the alimony.

Does this mean that the divorce court could end up awarding Mary II half of the universe?

I suggest to anyone who is going to be a single mother that they claim the father is God, and maybe they can get control of half the universe anyway.

Maybe there'd be some convincing paternity test? "No, the baby never cries". That's actually a sign of abuse though, which takes me back to my first point.

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