RE: ethical problem? Some kind of problem, anyway...

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Mon, 19 Apr 1999 16:01:18 +1000

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>Subject: Re: ethical problem? Some kind of problem, anyway...
>O'Regan, Emlyn wrote:
>> It's not suprising that you don't sign up for cryonics - I wonder if
>> anyone on this list actually has? It's like setting up your gravesite.
>> ...
>> cryonics is about dying+hope.
>Emlyn, I have not yet signed up for cryonics, but would do so in a heartbeat
>if I learned I had some life threatening condition. The irony is that perhaps
>my best shot at immortality is to come down with cancer. {8-[ In the
>mean time, I am driving carefully, eating lightly and sleeping in my own
>bed... {8^D spike
Yep, I would too, I think, though I've never actually had cancer, so I can't say for sure.

But my point is, that you haven't done it yet. Really, one should, in case of sudden accident, so that someone can scrape you up, pop you in the fridge, and the cryonics people can haul you off in good time, ready for the future. We'd all kick ourselves if we hadn't (except we'd be dead). But still I'm not signed up, and you're not signed up.

Yet I suspect that some list members actually are signed up. That's excellently proactive, and you'll probably be laughing at the rest of us.

Just one tip - apparently you should take a big coat and maybe a space heater in with you, because its really cold in there.

Me, well, the flames keep me warm.