Transhuman cuppa

O'Regan, Emlyn (
Mon, 19 Apr 1999 15:53:15 +1000

OK, suddenly I've been transformed into an immortal being spanning the universe.

Actually, it wasn't sudden, it took a couple of thousand years, but that's trivia compared to the vast expanses of time stretching out before me (and behind me and in all kinds of other directions, because I time travel and dimension walk and commune with ancient gods, who did exist after all but just weren't very useful).

Now my mind is the surface of a Dyson sphere (kind of crinkly to maximise surface area), and I have probes and comets and planetoids and all kinds of vehicles with all kinds of sensors and tools so that I can juggle quarks or stars, depending on whether I'm feeling introverted or extroverted.

But sometimes I'm not discovering new multiverses, rebuilding random universes from parts, or ruminating on new theories of existence. Sometimes I'm not off in pursuit of ultimate Truth and Enlightenment.

How do I veg? Just hang out, waste time, relax a little maybe, but really just be a blob (no, not grey goo)?

Maybe muck around with a little border war in an unused galaxy with another transhuman floating around somewhere (I think territory might be an issue actually). Travel back in time and watch "General Hospital" (what an obscene use for time travel). Pop a few planets into my matter conversion system, just to pass the time (can a transhuman get fat?)

Anyone got good ideas on Pointless Passtimes for Transhumans, or what a dyson sphere entity does when he/she feels like a nice cup of tea?

Maybe they send e-mail...