Re: [GUNS] Re: Better people

Chuck Kuecker (
Wed, 09 Jun 1999 07:46:56 -0500

At 12:54 PM 6/9/99 +0200, den Otter wrote:
>Tough restrictions on guns is one thing, but the real problem is IMO
>the general anti-personal empowerment attitude which is the driving
>force behind gun bans. The same people who deny citizens the
>right to defend themselves with lethal force, are also very likely to
>deny them other rights too (like the right to carry non-lethal weapons
>like mace or stun guns, or even worse, the very right to defend
>yourself at all when attacked by a criminal -- this is already quite
>common where I live). They tend to see civilians as incompetent
>fools who should be treated like little children, which means that
>politicians will have (even) less respect for the public's opinion.
>Is it a cooncidence that the Swiss, who own guns freely, also
>have a general referendum (a real one, where the people's
>decision counts), which is about as democratic as one can
>get, while here in Holland for example most politicians are
>openly repulsed by the very idea of a referendum (and the
>sheeple agree, unbelievable!).

At the local high school here, any student caught invloved in a fight is suspended, even if they are defending themselves. The official line is that they are furthering the violence by fighting back. The proper response, I guess, is to lay down with throat exposed and hope the attacker goes away, or that a teacher will see and stop the fight.

Big brother is still out there waiting for us to let him take over our lives. All we need do is stop fighting stupid laws that take away our powers to defend ourselves and think for ourselves.