Re: [THE FUTURE & CAREERS] Request for Advice

Brian Atkins (
Tue, 08 Jun 1999 17:29:44 -0400

I'm retired now (founded, so my skills are already in decay, but anyway:

I'd say that if all you know how to do is program, make sure you branch out and learn to be a good sysadmin (run Linux and FreeBSD) and network admin. If you want to make the motherlode of cash, the only real way is to open your own business or jump in with a startup. And since every business in 5 years will be an Internet business (or it will be dead or dying) in some respect, you want to know everything required to start a net biz. Learn everything you can about a major database system. Make sure you keep up with all the major web standards.

Also make sure you are reading everything from Wired to Red Herring to Fast Company to keep up with where things are headed business-wise. You have to learn to look at things from a biz perspective if you aren't already. Get even more greedy. Dream bigger.

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