Re: Libertarian Socialist???(was FAQ: )

Mark Phillips (
Sun, 06 Jun 1999 15:46:48 CDT

Well, hell, even I slightly sympathize with a kind of libertarin socialism---although the original authors of the stuff I'm talking about would definitely bristle at the the "s" word. I refer to the late Louis O. Kelso's idea(s) of "Universal Capitalism." See *The Capitalist Manifesto"
(1957), *The New Capitalists* (1961), *Two Factor Theory: The Economics of
Reality* (also, BTW, subtitled *How to Turn 80 Million Workers into Capitalists on Borrowed Money*--I love it!) (1967), and *Democracy & Economic Power* (1987). I'm also way-steeped in (and way-sympathetic with) the entire "Austrian" economics stuff. And, of course, one can hardly be a "socialist" in most of the heretofore senses of the term after thoroughly studying the "Socialist Calculation Debate(s)."

I'm really just a crusty old, unrepentant libertarian anarcho-eudaimonist!! Shucks, folks!


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