Re: Omega Point, Singularity

Mark Phillips (
Sun, 06 Jun 1999 15:34:12 CDT

Your speculations about (as I interpret you) galaxies and galactic clusters being, if not strictly "living" then nonetheless quasi-alive, as well as the cosmos as a whole, is quite interesting. The late Fred Wesson has a book called *Cosmos & MetaCosmos* (OpenCourt) which flirts with this, as does some recent stuff by Dave Deutsch (See his *The Fabric of Reality*, Penguin/Allan Lane), and of course there's Peter Russell's stuff (highly recommended) and, of course, the granddaddy is none other than Alfie N. Whitehead. As RAW (i.e., Robert Anton Wilson) said years ago in his classic
*Cosmic Trigger*:

SOMETHING'S going on---there certainly seems to be some sort of quasi-intentionality going. And, no, this is not just a re-hash of Bergson or McTaggart. Wesson (op.cit.) goes into this well, and see also George Leonard's *The Silent Pulse.* Also important is Saul_paul Sirag's stuff on hyperspatial geometry/topology (Which is, admittedly damn near above MY head anyway---I'm treading water as I read it---but it's still damn interesting stuff. (Sorry I don't have this exact cite, but I'll dig it up and post it later)

Thank you very much for YOUR contribution; I hope you find the bibliographic rifs useful.

And thank all of you for reading this---or if you deleted it w/o reading it--woops, oh well!

Best regards to all,

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